Wednesday, May 17, 2017


To earn my ten service hours for the semester,  I volunteered at the Special Olympics Bocce Ball tournament. A couple days before, I attended a training session, where I learned the rules of bocce ball and how to keep score. They also explained how the courts would be set up and what was expected of the volunteers. I showed up at the event at 8am on a Sunday and the task that was assigned to me was to sit under a tent. In the tent, I helped find players for their games and kept track of the score sheets and who was winning. My favorite part of the entire day was seeing how excited the players were to start their games and the amazing sportsmanship that they demonstrated. Sitting at the tent and being responsible for writing down the winners and losers of each game made me realize how much planning went into the event. As games finished, the volunteers at the courts would bring me their score sheet and I filled out a bracket with the results. Sometimes it got busy and I found it difficult to keep up with all of the score sheets that the volunteers were bringing back. Although I thought that I would be keeping score at a court, I'm glad that I volunteered at the tent because I was able to talk to a lot of the players as they were waiting to start their game. One woman told me all about her past wins at bocce ball tournaments and how excited she was to start her game. I had never volunteered for the Special Olympics before and this was a great opportunity for me to branch out and have a new experience. It was incredibly rewarding to see the excitement of each of the players and how much they knew about bocce ball. Whether they won or lost, they all had a great time. Because of this experience, I would love to work with the Special Olympics in the future.

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